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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I feed my vegan dog, Ooby. So today, I’m finally answering! Most people, vegans included, don’t realize that you can feed your pets vegan food and that it’s actually the best thing for their health, for the environment, and, obviously, for the animals that are ingredients in standard pet foods. Mainstream pet food contains a bunch of scary stuff, including road kill, spoiled meats, Styrofoam, euthanized pets, and more.

Can Pets Be Vegan? What’s REALLY in Pet Food – Bite Size Vegan

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This video is about how we are feeding our pets TO DEATH. aside from the moral implications of what we feed our animals, there are very valid health concerns related to many of the lesser-known ingredients in common pet foods. this is an area that many, if not most, vegans have a blind-spot. and even if you’re not vegan, knowing what is *actually* in your pets’ food is important.

My Vegan Dog: Homemade Dog Food, My Experience & FAQ – 40BelowFruity

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Meet my vegan dog Pepsi! He’s thriving on his homemade vegan dog food! Find out how to feed your vegan dog and get the answers to your questions about having a healthy vegan dog.

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Vegan with Cats (and Dogs) – Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

My vegan dog update, we made the switch

Here is my vegan dog update that I promised when I first told you I wanted to switch Spirit over to a vegan dog diet.

The main thing I wanted to find out was if her incontinence issue would return upon leaving her all raw meat diet.

I am happy to report that not only is Spirit very happy with her new diet (after all she gets to share in the feast when I make our foods!) but her incontinence has stayed away!

As far as I can tell, Spirit has remained healthy and happy through the switch so far. We of course will have to remain watching and making sure she continues to be healthy, but I wanted to update you on how it was going so far.

I do want to stress though that if you are considering switching your dog over to a vegan diet to do your own research. There are certain nutrients that they need in their diet that only come from eating meat. You can easily supplement these nutrients, but you should be aware of this before you make the switch.

In my research, I found lots of stories of healthy vegan dogs that live long, happy lives. This was reassurance to me that I’m not harming my dog by switching her over to a vegan diet, because ultimately I am her caregiver and don’t want to do anything that will harm her. In fact, I just want her to be as healthy as she can – and if she can be healthy using a diet that doesn’t harm other animals, then all the better!

I am planning on making more of her food at home once I learn more about her nutritional needs. If you are interested in getting some of my recipes for her once I begin, the let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to share!

Lots of love,

Jenni B.

Commercial dog food meat is unfit for human consumption – Gary Yourofsky

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Your dog can be vegan and healthy. For all animal lovers out there…we are able to save more animals even while having a carnivorous (actually omnivorous) pet animal in our homes.

How To Feed Your Dog Vegan – 40BelowFruity

Vegan pet food – Crazy Old Vegan

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Conventional pet food contains a horror show of ingredients. That’s why so many vegans are turning to vegan dog and cat food.

Self Righteous Vegan Dog – MC Fructose

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Our self righteous vegan dog eats a plant based diet and thrives!!! V-dog is the best healthy dog food available as it does not contribute to killing animals.

V-Dog (vegan dog food)


Vegan Diets for Dogs and Cats by Armaiti May, DVM

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Vegan Diets for Dogs and Cats: Risks and Benefits presented by Armaiti May, DVM at Northwest VEG’s Portland VegFest 2013 on September 22.

Armaiti May is a vegan animal advocate and housecall veterinarian for dogs and cats in LA. She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis. After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. May spent 20 months working at a 24-hour emergency dog and cat hospital in LA. She then became certified in veterinary acupuncture and started a housecall practice for dogs and cats. As a practicing veterinarian, Dr. May educates people about preventive medicine as well as holistic options that exist for treating their companion animals’ ailments.

Veterinarian Speaks about Feeding Dogs a Vegan Diet

Dr. Armaiti May, vegan veterinarian: Eco-Vegan Gal interview

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Whitney interviews Dr. Armaiti May, a vegan vet in Los Angeles, about advantages and tips on raising a vegan dog.

ARMAITI MAY Healthy Vegan Dogs and Cats

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ARMAITI MAY at the 2015 World Vegan Summit and Expo – Healthy Vegan Dogs and Cats

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Homemade Vegan Dog Food – YorkAndSpoon

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Join Jenelle York, plant based dietitian, in a recipe for DOGS. See what I’ve been feeding my pup recently.

You will need lentils, mixed rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes/yams, peanut butter, nutrition yeast (optional) & some supplements.

How I Make Vegan Dog Food! – LeandraLively

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I show you how I make vegan dog food for my two dogs. They love it and are much healthier than when they ate store bought dog food.