Soopa Papaya

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A juicy and delicious dog treat packed with disease busting vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants too. Papaya contains ‘papain’ a digestive enzyme known for aiding digestion of proteins and also helps to soothe the stomach if upset. Papaya also contains anti-parasite properties that may benefit dogs against parasites.

If your dog has bad breath that isn’t attributed to poor oral health the smell can often emanate from the stomach. It’s worth looking at the food you are feeding but papaya definitely helps break down obnoxious gases and funny smells. A small papaya contains about 300% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C that is believed to support the immune system.

Chewy, juicy and nutritious with a tropical taste dog’s love.

Suitable for kidney/liver disease, obesity etc.

Description: 100% Natural Raw Papaya Dog Chews (85g)


One of your Dogs Five a Day

Contains 'Papain' which Aids Digestion

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 4.27%

Fat (max) 1.05%

Fibre (min) 5.1%

Ash (max) 4.5%

Moisture (min) 18.4%

Caloric Content: (calculated): Low Calorie, 1g of fat per 100g

Suitable for dogs with:




Low Immunity

Liver/Kidney disease