Benevo Pawtato Ocean Treats

5.11 EUR

Pawtato Ocean Treats are inspired by the sea with flavors of kelp, wakame and spirulina.

Like the rest of the family in the Pawtato range, they are based on sweet potatoes, also free of cereals and wheat. Each bag weighs 125g and contains five figures.

Sweet potatoes, peas, vegetable glycerin, calcium carbonate, peppers, brewer's yeast, vegetable oil, kelp 0.7%, Spirulina 0.7%, wakame 0.7%, mint oil, potassium sorbate, chlorophyll

Analytical components / Guaranteed analysis:
Crude protein min. 1.5%, fat content min. 1%, Fiber max. 6%, ash (orange & brown chew) max 5%, (green chew) max 7%, (white chew) max 14%, moisture max. 15%